Dr. Robin A Jones
Dr. Robin A. Jones: Emplmt-UC Berkeley, Director, retired: DOD (F14): Awards-Presidential Medal of Distinction: Education-MSCIS, MCPM, PhD-research 2E students

The Year of 2021 — The AFTERMATH of 2020:
As we welcome 2021, we realize this will be a year of challenges to embrace. Nonetheless, looking back over 2020, we realize pushing forward is our best effort. Let’s do this!

Where do we go from here?
2020 was a year…

Original caption: Somewhere in England, Maj. Charity E. Adams,…and Capt. Abbie N. Campbell,…inspect the first contingent of Negro members of the Women’s Army Corps assigned to overseas service. National Archives Identifier: 531249. Local Identifier: 111-SC-200791.

World War II and African American Women in Combat
It was May of 1941. They were the first. Yes, they were the first among us. Among us women. They were anxious, and wanted to enlist to fight for their country. It was before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. All before recruitment…

Chillicothe, Ohio, Court House

Rural America and Racial Bias.
In Rural America there is an undertone of racial bias based on climate culture. Growing up, in a small town, it was all too familiar. I was born in Jackson, Ohio, and grew up in Chillicothe, a farming community of cornfields and livestock. There was…

Dr. Robin A Jones

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